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Women's Representative

Central Women's Representative at UdK Berlin

The Central Women's Representative Naile Tanış left the UdK Berlin on October 1, 2020. The office is vacant until a new Women's Representative is elected. The office of the Women's Representative can be reached by telephone on Monday and Wednesday mornings.


N. N.

Central Women's Representative
Tel.: (030) 3185 2714
Fax: (030) 3185 162714
E-Mail: frauenbeauftragte_


Administrative Staff
Anke Mittag

Deputies of the Central Women's Representative at UdK Berlin
Kerstin Iskra
E-Mail: frauenbeauftragte1fak04_

Amelie Plümpe


Dr. Henrike Lehnguth
Research Associate, Focus Areas: Mentoring Program Management, Newsletter, Sexual Harassment

Tel.: (030) 3185 2905
E-Mail: henrike.lehnguth_


adress for visitors:
Room 104A
Einsteinufer 43-53
10587 Berlin

mailings to:
Universität der Künste Berlin
Postfach 120544
10595 Berlin

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Faculties, departments and areas of studies – Part-time Women's Representatives and deputies

College of Fine Arts

Amelie Plümpe
E-Mail: frauenbeauftragte1fak01_

Isabella Uhl
E-Mail: frauenbeauftragte2fak01_

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College of Architecture, Media and Design

Elke Schneider
E-Mail: frauenbeauftragte1fak02_

Philine Rzadtki
E-Mail: frauenbeauftragte2fak02_

College of Music

Johanna Madden
E-Mail: frauenbeauftragte1fak03_

Friederike Wrobel
E-Mail: frauenbeauftragte2fak03_

College of Performing Arts

Kerstin Iskra
E-Mail: frauenbeauftragte1fak04_

N. N.
E-Mail: frauenbeauftragte2fak04_

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Berlin Career College

Stephanie Schwarz

Dr. Melanie Waldheim
E-Mail: frauenbeauftragte2ziw_

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Jazz Institute Berlin (JIB)

Sophie Lindmüller 

Liv Sindler
E-Mail: frauenbeauftragte2jib_

University Library

Kathleen Heinze 
E-Mail: frauenbeauftragte1ub_

Lisa Richter
E-Mail: frauenbeauftragte2ub_

University Administration

N. N.

Charlotte Freundel
E-Mail: frauenbeauftragte2zuv_ 

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