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Brief overview for applications to the UdK Berlin

Here is an overview of the most important steps for applying to the UdK

Please always also refer to the ApplicationGuide pages for information on the requirements of the desired degree programme.

  1. Register and verify yourself in the Campus Management Portal of the UdK Berlin:
  2. Submit an application for admission (note application deadlines!) for the desired degree programme in the Campus Management Portal.
  3. Print out the application for admission from the Campus Management Portal (pdf file).
  4. Sign the application for admission.
  5. Transfer 30 € for participation in the admission procedure to the account of the UdK Berlin.
  6. Attach the required formal documents to the application for admission: Curriculum vitae, bank statement as proof of fees paid in the amount of 30 €, proof of language proficiency?, proof of previous study and examination achievements? Other documents required by the degree programme?
  7.  Are samples of your work (portfolios, video recordings, assignments, etc.) to be sent to the UdK Berlin or uploaded to bemus (upload portal of the UdK) by the application deadline?
  8. Send the signed application for admission with all (formal) documents by post to the UdK Berlin.

If your application is complete and received by the UdK Berlin by the deadline and meets all requirements, you will take part in the selection procedure and may be invited to take part in an admission examination. Specific information on the application and admission procedure for the individual degree programmes can be found at ApplicationGuide.