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Re-registration deadline for the summer semester 2023

Regular deadline15 February 2023 to 09 March 2023
Additional period plus late fee10 March 2023 to 31 March 2023

Semester fee for the summer semester 2023

Semester fee (total)238,09 EUR  

Composition of costs

Student Union Fee (AStA)10,60 EUR                              
Contribution to the studierendenWERK BERLIN (social contribution)54,09 EUR
General administrative fee50,00 EUR  
Contribution to the semester ticket: 193,80 EUR plus social fund: 2,00 EUR195,80 EUR                                 
Administrative fee of the student body for the semester ticket2,60 EUR
Subsidy from the Berlin Senate (Deduction)         75,00 EUR (Deducted)
plus late fee in the extension period  19,94 EUR        

Account details/ SEPA

Cashier's Office of the UdK Berlin
Berliner Volksbank

IBANDE72 1009 0000 8841 0150 46
Intended useMatrikelnummer, Semester specification, Last name, study course
Example:371234, 20231, Mustermann, Fine Arts

IMPORTANT: Please Do not change the order of the intended use.
The semester is made up of the year in which the semester began and the numbers "1" for summer semester or "2" for winter semester, e.g. 20231 stands for the summer semester 2023 and 20232 for the winter semester 2023-24.

Berliner Volksbank eG
Budapester Straße 35
10787 Berlin

For foreign bank transfers: Please make sure that you pay all applicable transfer fees (OUR - sender pays costs) when making the transfer.

Call for re-registration, automatic re-registration and re-registration lock

Call for re-registration:
You will receive your personal re-registration request by e-mail to your UdK-Webmailer-Account.

Automatic re-registration:
Re-registration is automatically completed if the payment of the semester fee has been received and booked on the account of the Berlin University of the Arts within the above-mentioned deadline.
The date of the value date on the UdK Berlin account is important for the timely payment of the fees. Therefore, please make sure that you pay your fees early.
You can view the receipt of payment and your re-registration status in the campus management portal my.udk.
Once you have re-registered, you must update your CampusCard at a validator at the UdK Berlin. You do not need a new QR code for this. Information on the locations of the validators and how the update works can be found on the information pages of the CampusCard.

Re-registration lock:
If the Enrolment and Examination Office (IPA) is still missing documents from you (proof of language proficiency, health insurance, certificates, etc.), you can see this on the basis of the re-registration blocks stored in the campus management portal my.udk, including a note on what needs to be done. Please also submit these as early as possible within the re-registration deadlines in the IPA. If you have any problems submitting them on time, please contact your IPA administrator immediately.

Re-regisrtration in the grace period:
In the case of re-registration during the grace period, timely re-registration by the beginning of the semester cannot be guaranteed.
Accordingly, the University of the Arts accepts no liability for any consequential costs that may arise. If you have not submitted a re-registration application by the end of the grace period, exmatriculation will follow ex officio. Please note that the processing of the re-registration can take up to 4 weeks.

Exmatriculation ex officio:
If your re-registration is not completed by the end of the re-registration period incl. grace period, an "exmatriculation ex officio" will take place retroactively to the last semester end (31 March or 30 September).

Students who have already successfully passed their final exams in the current semester cannot re-register for the coming semester. If you are only waiting for the results of your final examination, do not re-register (§30 Abs. 6 BerlHG).

Interesting and important facts

The following applications [German] including supporting documents (see applications), must be submitted in full and as early as possible within the re-registration deadlines to the person responsible for you at the Immatrikulations- und Prüfungsamt (IPA) in writing (by e-mail or post):

  •     Application for a semester off and/or exemption from the social contribution (please note the small print).
  •     Exemption from the semester ticket (please apply as early as possible)
  •     Application for part-time study

Certificate of study
In the campus management portal my.udk you can download the current certificate of study ("Studienbescheinigung") to submit it to authorities or similar.
Other certificates are also available, e.g. Bafög certificates, certificates of achievement, or Corona rule study time extension according to §126a BerlHG.

Contact details
Always keep your contact details (postal address, telephone, private mail address if applicable) up to date.
To change your contact details, log in to the campus management portal my.udk. You can find instructions here.
Note: E-mails from the university will be sent primarily to your UdK e-mail address.

Change notifications
Please notify the colleague in charge at our admissions ofice (IPA) in writing of the following changes:

  •     Changes in the subject class instructor* for Fine Arts (via the Faculty Administration of Fine Arts).
  •     Change of assignment to an institute (eligibility to vote)

Leave of absence

If you are unable to complete coursework and examinations in a semester (this also applies to participation in courses), then you must apply for a semester off. You can find the application in the Form Center under General Forms.
An approved leave of absence does not release you from the re-registration fee.
Please submit the application within the re-registration period with the relevant evidence to the person responsible for you in the Admissions Office (IPA) (by e-mail or post).

Please note:

  1. In certain cases, exemption from the social contribution (see above) and the semester ticket are possible.
  2. If you spend a semester abroad at a partner university of the UdK Berlin, you will not be granted a leave of absence. However, you may be exempt from the social contribution and the semester ticket. You can find the applications in the Forms Center under General Forms.
  3. A leave of absence is approved for one semester at a time, not more than twice in total during your studies.
  4. In the event of illness or parental leave, additional leave requests may be allowed.
  5. Leaves of absence for the first and second semesters are allowed only for good cause.
  6. Semesters of leave do not count as subject semesters, but as university semesters.

Part-time Studies

If you are unable to study full-time for professional, health or family reasons, for example, you have the option of studying part-time. The application must be submitted within the re-registration deadlines.
When submitting the application, you do not have to give a reason or submit any proof.

The Admissions Office (IPA), to whom the part-time application must be sent by e-mail or post, will inform the degree programme about the application and, if necessary, the programme will agree on a study plan with the student (important for individual lessons and teaching assignments in the degree programmes). It is therefore advisable to agree on an appropriate study plan with the degree programme before submitting the application and to attach it to the application.

Note 2:
Students who require a visa for their stay in Germany should clarify with the Berlin State Office for Immigration, if possible before applying for part-time study at the UdK, whether their reason for part-time study is sufficient so that the existing visa does not expire. It is recommended to get this in writing.

The State Office for Immigration ("Landesamt für Einwanderung") is authorised to find out the reason for the desired part-time study and to obtain proof of this.
Please note: The change in your scope of study per semester (part-time study) must be reported to the State Office for Immigration. The UdK cannot guarantee that your visa will remain valid after changing the scope of your studies.

You can find the application for part-time studies in the Form Centre. The application must be submitted in writing (by e-mail or post) to the person responsible for you at the Admisssions Office (IPA) as early as possible within the re-registration deadlines.

Loss of CampusCard

In case of loss of the CampusCard, please proceed as follows:

  1. Completion of the  "eidesstattlichen Erklärung bei Verlust des Semestertickets"
  2. Payment of the administrative fee for re-issuing in the amount of 10.23 EUR according to the Verwaltungsgebührenordnung (VGebO).
  3. Send the affidavit and a bank statement with the value date (screenshot is fine) by e-mail to the person responsible for you at the Immatrikulations- und Prüfungsamt (IPA) or the StudyGuide.

A new QR code will be created, which can be accessed in the campus management portal my.udk. You will receive a short confirmation by email after processing.

By bank transfer:
Kasse der UdK Berlin
Berliner Volksbank

IBANDE 72 1009 0000 8841 0150 46
Inteded useMatriculation number, surname, degree programme, loss of CampusCard
Example371234, Mustermann, Fine Arts, loss of CampusCard

NOTE: Do not change the order of the intended use.

Berliner Volksbank eG
Budapester Straße 35
10787 Berlin

For foreign transfers: Please make sure that you pay all applicable transfer fees (OUR - sender pays costs) when making the transfer.

Semesterticket Berlin ABC

Costs, eligibility, obligation to pay fees and exemption from fees

The following fees are charged for the semester ticket in accordance with the semester ticket statutes:

Summer semester 2022205,20 EUR
Winter semester 2022-23205,20 EUR

The Berlin Senate has decided to take over the difference between the amount of the semester ticket and the payment of the students in the amount of 11.40 EUR per semester to relieve the students, so that the ticket fee for the Berlin students will not be increased.

To cover the costs associated with the semester ticket from administration and processing, a fee of EUR 2.60 per semester is charged in accordance with §18a BerlHG.


The semester ticket is valid for six months (in the summer semester: 31.03. to 01.10. or in the winter semester: 30.09. to 01.04.) in the Berlin ABC tariff zone as a travel document and entitles the holder to take children up to the age of six, luggage, a dog, a pram and a bicycle free of charge. It is also valid on the last day of the previous semester and the first day of the following semester.
Please note that the semester ticket is only valid in combination with an official photo document (identity card, passport, driving licence).
If you are unable to show your ticket at a checkpoint, you have the opportunity to show it at the responsible transport company (S-Bahn, BVG) within one week, so that you only have to pay a reduced increased transport fee of 7.00 EUR.

If you are permanently resident in the state of Brandenburg, you can purchase an additional ticket. You can find more information here.


Obligation to pay contributions and exemption from fees:

Exemption from the semester ticket and the associated social fund contribution is possible in the case of a leave of absence, study abroad, part-time and further education studies as well as an internship, if the reason for exemption is given for at least three consecutive months. Only full unused months will be reimbursed. The application must be submitted during the re-registration period.
If possible, submit the application via the person responsible for you at the Registration and Examinations Office (IPA).

Students in special social situations or with a particularly low income can apply for a subsidy for the semester ticket. This is recommended for all students with children. Other reasons include work permit restrictions, compulsory internships, final theses, special medical costs, court costs and severe disabilities.
Please state the relevant reasons in the application and provide proof.

Further information and applications can be obtained from the Semesterticket Office, which will be happy to advise you personally:


Technische Universität Berlin
I A STB Semesterticketbüro
Straße des 17. Juni 135
10623 Berlin

Phone: (030) 314 - 28038
Fax: (030) 314 - 28162

Email: semesterticket_

Obligation to register with the "Bürgeramt" (Citizens' Registration Office)

Legal Basis:

"In accordance with § 10 para. 6 no. 1a BerlHG, you are required to submit a copy of a valid identity card or a current certificate of registration once [for the first re-registration] (except for students in secondary or doctoral programmes). If this identity card or the current registration certificate does not show an address in the catchment area of the University of the Arts (this is the area of the federal states of Berlin or Brandenburg), I am obliged to inform you that violations of the obligation to register are subject to fines according to the Federal Registration Act. The presentation of the identity card or the registration certificate and the registration in the catchment area of the Universität der Künste do not constitute a prerequisite for re-registration."

Please note that for the first re-registration we must receive a certificate of registration or a copy of your identity card from you by e-mail, in which a Berlin or Brandenburg registration address can be seen. This also applies to exchange students who are enrolled at the UdK for one semester.

Please send this document by e-mail to the responsible person at the IPA.

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