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Intonation: Theory

Marc Sabat
Plainsound Hexatone WebApp (2023)
customisable touch keyboard with built-in sounds and MIDI input and microtonal (MIDI Tuning Standard) output

Thomas Nicholson and Marc Sabat:
A Compact Enharmonically Viable Subset of Harmonic Space: The Stern-Brocot Tree and Some Thoughts About Lattices and Spirals (2021)
Fundamental Principles of Just Intonation and Microtonal Composition (2018)

Thomas Nicholson
Harmonic space calculator for HEJI and Johnston Notation (2018)

Larry Polansky:
A Few Words About Tuning

Marc Sabat:
Pantonality generalized: Ben Johnston’s artistic researches in extended just intonation (2014)
Shadings in the Chromatic Field (2012)

Catherine Lamb:
Interacting Spectra

Wolfgang von Schweinitz:
Die Urtonale Sonorität (2001)

Bob Gilmore:
Writings on microtonality and audio documentaries

Clarence Barlow:
On the Quantification of Harmony and Metre

Klaus Lang:
Auf Wohlklangswellen durch der Töne Meer (2001)

Georg Friedrich Haas:
Mikrotonalitäten (1999)
Jenseits der Zwölf Halbtöne (1999)

Kyle Gann:
La Monte Young’s The Well-Tuned Piano (1993)
Wolfgang von Schweinitz:
La Monte Young The Well-Tuned Piano 7-Limit Tuning (2006)

James Tenney:
A History of ‘Consonance’ and ‘Dissonance’ (1988)
John Cage and the Theory of Harmony (1983)

Harry Partch:
Genesis of a Music (1949)

Hermann von Helmholtz:
On the sensations of tone as a physiological basis for the theory of music (1862/1895)
Die Lehre von den Tonempfindungen als physiologische Grundlage für die Theorie der Musik (1862/1913)

Plainsound Music Edition
Cat Lamb: tuning resources
Joe Monzo: Tonalsoft Encylopedia
Xenharmonic wiki