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source: ιи.fιиιт ∞



10-17 January 2022
announcements and updates in telegram channel. link:, QR-Code or send a mail to in.finit3141_ if you are not on telegram and want to follow updates


as part of the Time-Vacuum-Series, a post-dual simulation without authorship in systems of decentralization. presenting a hyper-technocratic framework, spatial audio portals to be infused with sonic trace as a recursive, intelligent container of memory and thought, co-existing as a collective fluid, a compound of oppositions, the belly of the dragon. In here it roars, swirls, through its chaos its wisdom on trans-embodied experience through the timelessness of infinite potential into the sensation of oneness. 

Follow developments and announcements of ⵣ, an agent of the year 2134, engineer, maintainer and sorcerer in the space, more info in telegram link.