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Genesis Victoria

DWELLERS - Asynchronous phonotaxis

Performance / Installation

Sonic performance by Genesis Victoria (they/them) Dwellers is a sonic performance and installation that reflects on accelerationism, ecologies and queer identities. A moth built their nest in a crashed car. The symbiotic car-moth arrives at a gas station where they meet the operator, starting a series of procedures and processes with non-functional purpose. Through this dystopic premise, the artist aims to create an atmosphere to explore post-human phonotaxis, the behaviour of an organism towards sound and the emergency of sonic ecologies: polyrhythm, patterns and gestures are inspired by the asynchronous sounds of wax moths, mechanical labour and the possibility of intimacy. After a car crash, slowness stands as an honest manifest and a tactic of survival.


The performance uses wearable technology based on movement and temperature sensors to operate sounds through gestures.


Performers: Car-moth: Genesis Victoria (they/them)

The operator: Kayla Elrod (they/she)

Wearable and Sound design: Genesis Victoria (they/them) 

Performance time

8 June, 9:00 pm


Opening times

8 June 4 – 11 pm

9 June 2 – 6 pm

10 June 2 – 10 pm

11 June closed

12 June 2 – 6 pm


Collegium Hungaricum Berlin

Dorotheenstrasse 12

10117 Berlin