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Sonic Research in Academia and the Arts | Conference Program

31st of May 


10:00         Opening: Volker Straebel, Sabine Sanio

10:30         Antti Ikonen: Designing Sounds for a Children's Hospital

11:30         Coffee break 

11:45         Bernhard Rietbrock: The Music of Alvin Lucier

12:45         Lunch break 

14:15         Ida Havukainen, Positions of the body in singing teaching

15:15         Panel: Sound Studies, Sonic Arts and perspectives of aesthetic research with
                 Harri Laakso, Antti Ikonen, Jacob Eriksen, Volker Straebel and Sabine Sanio

16:15         Reception



1st of June

10:00        Heta Kaisto: Siren and the Imperfect Songs of Disaster 

11:00        Coffee break 

11:30        Jacob Eriksen: Sounding the Posthuman Attitude - a historico-aesthetical
                analysis of onto-epistemological perspectives in contemporary sonic arts 

12:30        Lunch break

14:00        Gabriel Santander: Heterosemiosis and Intermedial Aspects in Peter
                Ablinger's Voices and Piano Cycle

15:00        Coffee break

15:30        Panel: Sound Studies, Sonic Arts and perspectives of international
                transdisciplinary cooperation with Harri Laakso, Noora Vikman, Bernhard
                Rietbrock, Volker Straebel and Sabine Sanio 

17:00        End of the conference