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Prof. Dr. Thomas SporerAcoustics, Room and Reproduction (Listening)


[AV] Cluster - Seminars and Workshop

Dr. Gilles Aubry - Sonic engagement in times of digital precarity (Theory)

Alessandra Eramo - Voice, sonic memory and presence (Practice, Listening)

Jacob Eriksen - Practicing theory in sound art practice (Theory)

Dr. Elen FlüggeListening Practices in Sonic Commons (Theory, Listening)

Dr. Jasmine Guffond - Listening Activism - a sonic enquiry (Theory, Listening)

Prof. Daisuke Ishida - Ephemeral Media Studies (Practice)

Prof. Daisuke Ishida / Thomas Koch - Immersive Audio [AV] (Listening, Practice)

Valentin KahlAdvanced Technical Listening (Listening)

Prof. Georg Klein - Grant Writing & Project Funding SE1 (Practice)

Prof. Georg Klein -Site-specific Research SE2 (Practice)

Chelsea Leventhal - Documenting Sound Art (Practice)

Steffen Martin - Perspective and Space in Experimental Film [AV] (Listening, Practice)

Dr. Pedro Oliveira - Listening at the end of (this) world (Theory, Practice)

Dr. Bernhard Rietbrock - Hearing the Other - On the Aesthetics of the Real in Experimental Music and Sound Art (Theory)

Prof. Dr. Sabine Sanio - Public space in concepts of sonic arts and research (Theory)

Dr. Julia Schröder - Analysing Audiovisual Art [AV] (Theory)

Dr. Stas SharifullinMusic, Noise and Power: Towards Critical Sound Studies (Theory)

Matteo Spanò / Lukas GrundmannExperimental Radio (Theory, Practice)

Jan Thoben - Sound and Vision [AV] (Theory)

Monika ŻyłaGender Perspectives on Sound Art (Theory)


Prof. Nic Collins - Handmade Electronic Music / Feedback workshop (Practice)

Peter Cusack - Field Recording (Listening)

Prof. Dr. Luc Döbereiner Shared Agency - Networked Musicking with Coupled Systems (Practice)

Sarah Grant - Experimental Signal Processing with Slime Mold (Practice)

Prof. Daisuke Ishida The Sauen Conference (Practice, Listening)

Prof. Georg Klein - Master Colloquium 

Nandita Kumar Sounding Environmental Stewardship: A Collaborative and Creative Approach to Addressing Urban Environmental Issues (Practice)

Gascia Ouzounian / Samuel Perea-Díaz Mapping the Sonic City (Practice, Listening, Theory)​​​​​

Martin Sulzer - Immersive Environments [AV] (Practice)