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Dr. Julia H. Schröder - Sound Art: History and Theory (Theory)

Prof. Dr. Thomas SporerPsychoacoustics, Sound Creation and Coding (Listening)



[AV] Cluster - Seminar and Workshops 

Alejandra Cárdenas Decolonial Perspectives on Voice Technologies (Theory, Listening)

Alessandra Eramo - Voice, sonic memory and presence (Practice, Listening)

Nida GhouseAn Archaeology of Sound (Theory)

Dr. Jasmine Guffond - Computational Listening (Theory, Listening)

Prof. Daisuke Ishida - The State of SoundS SE1 (Practice)

Prof. Daisuke Ishida - [AV] Immersive Audio SE2 (Listening, Practice)

Prof. Georg Klein - Dys/utopian Realities SE1 (Practice)

Prof. Georg Klein -Sound and Biodiversity SE2 (Practice)

Annette KrebsLive-Electronics with amplified objects and computers (Practice)

Brandon LaBelleThe Listening Effect (Listening,Theory)

Chelsea LeventhalDwelling, thinking, listening: The domestic soundscape and auditory experiences of habitation (Listening, Theory, Practice)

Steffen Martin - Experimental Film (Listening, Practice)

Dr. Pedro Oliveira - Non-Utilitarian Listening (Theory, Listening)

Prof. Dr. Sabine Sanio - Sound in Artistic Research SE1 (Theory)

Prof. Dr. Sabine Sanio - The Sonic Real, Sonic Materialism and the Ontology of Sound: Contributions to a Philosophical Foundation of Sound Research? (Theory)

Matteo Spanò / Lukas GrundmannExperimental Radio (Theory, Practice)

Jan Thoben - Sonic Ecocriticism (Theory, Practice)

Banu Çiçek TülüSound Art as Research (Theory, Practice)


Peter Cusack - Sound, the environment and field recording (Listening)

Prof. Dr. Luc Döbereiner Speculative Machine Learning (Practice)

Prof. Daisuke Ishida [AV] Paris/Berlin Planetariums (Practice)

Christina KubischElectromagnetic Discoveries (Practice, Listening)

Maxime Lethelier - [AV] Touchdesigner Workshop  (Practice)

Lisa SimpsonSoft noise - a techno queer feminist approach to handmade electronics (Practice)

Andrey SmirnovTheremin Kitchen (Practice)

Pascal Staudt Microcontroller Programming for Sonic Interaction (Practice)

Martin Sulzer[AV] Immersive Environments (Practice)