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Medienhausstammtisch SoSe 23

source: UdK Berlin

source: UdK Berlin


The Medienhaus Stammtisch is a gathering of students to exchange discourse and skills, primarily in the area of design. The Stammtisch is cross-class and also open to all students, outside of Visual Communication. 
Together, a topic is first worked on in a workshop with topic-related input and practical application, which is then intended to stimulate a discourse among the participants. 


May 02 - Pauline Luca Wunderlich, Face IDentity - Are we our face? 
May 23 - Robert Schnüll, digitalOp
13 June, Özcan Ertek & Fang Tsai, DIY Exhibition
July 04 - Erik Anton Reinhardt, Prompt Engineering - Are Hackers Storytellers?


from 18:00 at changing locations in the Medienhaus 

May 02 - Space Class
May 23 - New Media
13 June - tba
04 July - tba