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Screen printing calendar wins silver nail at the ADC Talent Award 2024

source: UdK-Berlin

In the winter semester 22/23 and summer semester 23, students from the Visual Communication course at Berlin University of the Arts dedicated themselves to the topic of screenshots in the screen printing workshop in the Medienhaus. The result was 13 hand-printed works using the screen printing process in 2 to 3 colors, which led from Rundgang 2023 to Rundgang 2024 through a year of visual communication at the UdK Berlin. The calendar has now been awarded a silver nail at the ADC Talent Award 2024.


The new calendar will be published on 19.07.2024 for the Rundgang 2024 and is available in the Medienhaus foyer.


Title: Charlotte Hornung -> IG @charlottehornung
August 2023: Luise Schaller -> IG @luiseschaller
September 2023: Sina Schlerf -> IG @ssinasch
October 2023: Christian Pasqual -> IG @whatidrawwhenidraw
November 2023: Yael Rathjens -> IG @qwertzelly
December 2023: Jo Rüßmann -> IG @jo_el_ru
January 2024: Emma Bervard -> IG @b.emmaniac
February 2024: Pauline Pyras -> IG @eniluap.saryp
March 2024: Taro Usami -> IG @taro_usami 
April 2024: Yui Yamagishi -> IG @amuyui 
May 2024: Paulina Höfner
June 2024: Julia Kressirer -> IG @juliakressirer
July 2024: Cäcilie Hoff -> IG @caecilie.hoff


Screen printing calendar project course
Course instructor Michael Chudoba 
Workshop for screen printing at the Institute for Transmedia Design -> IG @uebersiebdruck