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Aleksandra Petrushevska: Cold Air ::: An ode to female fantasy – Degree Bachelor/Master

© Aleksandra Petrushevska

BA Graduate Works 2022

Gaze inward to observe the vast interior space and the dances of different inner landscapes creating a fantastic physical story.

The performer's body follows its inner time that manifests as polychronic time due to multiple stories running simultaneously, allowing interruptions and gaps for a distinctive physicality to become evident.

An obsession with intimacy, the indelible passage of time and stories of nature, the body becomes a sight of experimentation, shifting between a video game character and an ordinary person.

“Cold Air” is an ode to the female fantasy and an invitation to come closer to the fragile interior world.
The Air is invisible, but when cold the eyes can grasp it.
With every breath I keep track of time. I whisper to myself, “I am still alive.”


Music: Aleksandar Grozdanovski
Costume: Jovana Filipovikj
Light: Max Stelzl, Nicola Pieper
Mentoring: Frauke Havemann, Kat Válastur.