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allapopp & Sophie Korschildgen – Vortragsabend

Lars Pinkwart

We are joined by interdisciplinary artist allapopp and curator Sophie Korschildgen for a conversation on approaches towards Decolonial AI and the necessity of other forms of technological envisioning.

allapopp (no pronouns) is an interdisciplinary digital media and performance artist based in Berlin and from Tatarstan, Russia, whose work with machine learning, interactive live phygital formats, performance and sound fuses immersive, tech-inclusive envisioning with an activist agenda, speculating on various states of mind, relationships and self-perception altered by socially and emotionally intelligent digital technologies.

Sophie Korschildgen is a curator in contemporary art and currently part of the curatorial team of LAS Art Foundation. At LAS she worked on the series of dance performances This Is Not A Love Show by choreographer Sharon Eyal, the newly commissioned solo exhibition Ent- by Libby Heaney, the artwork for pollinators Pollinator Pathmaker by Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, and Marianna Simnett’s flute opera GORGON.


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