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Cary Shiu: (in)forming dances, I try to touch – Degree Bachelor/Master

© Eva Lambillon


'A collection of dances derived from my study of “touch”. Instead of seeing it as a physical gesture, I explore the metaphors of “touch”, such as adding a touch, touch as care, to touch and to be touched by gazes… etc, from the perspective of a dancer, to look into its relation to dance practice. The process involves being in dialogues with friends and theories, to reflect on personal experiences, in and outside the dance studio. I consider performing also as part of the study, to continue bringing things into proximity through recalling, experiencing and creating “touches” in real time.'

Concept and performance: Cary Shiu
In conversation(s) with Meltem Nil, Roni Katz, Michiyasu Furutani
Mentoring: Nik Haffner, Mila Pavičević, Scarlet Yu
Tutor: Sandra Noeth
Costume: Christo Gogler

Special thanks to Chrysa Parkinson for her research and articulation on the work of a dancer and dance as practice; to all the colleagues and friends who have encouraged this process by sharing their time with me through the lens of dance; to the online archives of Walk + Talk and Within Practice that have inspired me on how to structure the presentation.

*In English.

Post-performance conversation on 12th April.