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Dominique Tegho: Crash Landing on Olympus Mons – Degree Bachelor/Master

© Matilde Bassetti

maC Final Work

Crash Landing on Olympus Mons takes the act of landing as a point of departure. Two dancers open a fictional space by deconstructing gravity, holding hands, touching, singing and humming. Orienting their dance towards rethinking the body in relation to each other and their surroundings, they witness their bodies as moving landscapes, and come in contact with rocks: the skin of the Earth. Landing becomes not only a play with gravity but grows into a process of becoming with: a mode of relating, a state of arrival, generating alternative descriptions and seeking new politics. The performative space becomes an uncharted territory that provides possibilities of recomposing lives together and creating new sorts of kin in hard times.


Choreography: Dominique Tegho
Dance: Matilde Bassetti, Iokasti Kyriaki Zografou Mantzakidou
Composition & live music: Alex Rap
Stage & Costume design: Anna Klaine
Dramaturgy: Pauline Payen 
Light design: Sanja Gergoric
Production: Milena Luise Stein