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Felipe Fizkal: Bin Landschaft – Tanz

Potsdamer Tanztage

What stories do places tell us outside the conventional stage space? What structures, architectures and landscapes do we find? How do these affect the bodies that animate them? How do these bodies move their surroundings?

Can spaces for interaction and joint creation open through dance and choreography ?

With imagination, scrutiny, and poetry the six choreography students from the Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin (HZT) invite visitors and passers-by to expand their perception of the public space and experience choreography through their work - as diverse as the landscapes that surround us.

Choreographic direction:
Felipe Fizkal
Dancer/Co-Creation: Liam Wustrack
Musician: Cristobal Ruffo
Costume designer:Lego Sky
Dramaturgy:Franca Burandt

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