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crescendo 2022: aufgefühlt [EN]

Lecture concert concerning responsibilities of musicians in critical times – crescendo

Urban Ruths

The program will be adjusted to current events.

The flap of a butterfly's wings in Brazil sets the air vibrating and causes a tornado in Texas - this is what Edward N. Lorenz's chaos theory of the butterfly effect says. A small cause leads to unpredictably large effects. Small acts can bring about crises and disasters. But if small changes and deeds have such power, might they not also have the opposite effect? Can't simple vibrations then perhaps tear down walls or prevent crises? Music is vibration. It resonates in everything and everyone. Its power to penetrate into people's innermost being, to support them in difficult times or even to heal them, is not just a myth. It has even been scientifically researched. Musicians are heard, they are seen, they are felt. They can reach people, touch them, influence them. But what does this mean for the individual musician? Can a political responsibility be derived from this? If so, what possibilities do they have to exercise this responsibility? And what role can music play in overcoming crises in the future? These questions will be addressed by professors of the UdK together with renowned artists in a discussion concert. Due to the rapid developments in current world affairs, the program will be tailored accordingly.


crescendo is open for everyone! That’s why (almost) all concert are free of charge.

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