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maC Master Works 2022

Javier Blanco: Itak@s. Auf der Suche nach Utopien. – Degree Bachelor/Master

© Anastasia Putsykina

maC Master Work

Ithak@s gives us an idea of the future, it speaks of our deepest longings, of our ability to move as a collective and as individuals, of our ability to adapt and change, but above all of our ability to follow our hearts. These longed-for places could be concrete or imagined, real or utopian, or perhaps already passed places.

Combining dance, embodiment and video within an immersive performance, the choreography Ithak@s is a contemporary reflection on the on setting out towards new horizons.


Choreographie, Concept: Javier Blanco
Dance: Yujin Jeong, Alessandra Sparano, Julianna Walczak, Eva Papadopoulos 
Music: Jonas Meyer
Szenography and costume: Maria Färber, Anastasia Putsykina, Javier Blanco (The Edge: Collective of multidisciplinary arts)
Dramaturgical support: Katja Wiegand
Videodesign: Eleftherios Kastrinakis 
Lightdesign: Nicolas San Martin
Academical support: Dr. Walter Acevedo, Dr. Mauricio Alvarez
Technical assistance: SPIN DIGITAL

With kind support by the Deutschen Bühnenverein, Landesverband Berlin.