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Liisi Hint & Maria Ladopoulos: have you ever heard the sound of sorrow being peeled? – Degree Bachelor/Master

© Liisi Hint, Maria Ladopoulos

BA Graduate Works 2022

Peeling off is exhausting. One time is not enough.
When I seem to be caught in an endless loop, shedding layers is even more exhausting. Things become blurry and I’m uncertain where I am, what my body is made of.
Do you hear that?
Sounds like two bodies cast into one.
One more strike, one more meeting of parts.

Two bodies negotiating the comfortable and the uncomfortable, gentleness and attack, being in the in-between, finding each other, melting together. And at the same time not. 



Liisi Hint is a dance artist and an archivist, trying to decipher the surrounding absurdity by describing her personal physical and sensory experience. By collecting archives of different materials and creating performative collages from them, Hint deals with topics such as identity, ambiguity, shame, seeing the body at the center of the study as something personal and at the same time social.

Maria Ladopoulos is a dancer, performer and choreographer whose interest lies in her relationship with her body, especially its limitations and boundaries. With a mix of caring for it and testing it, she experiments with trusting the emotional and intelligent body to have a clearer understanding of how to communicate. Artistically she explores incorporating costume design into her practice.


Concept, performance, costume: Liisi Hint & Maria Ladopoulos
Mentors: Gabi Beier, Diego Agulló, Frauke Havemann
Thank you to Sandra Umathum and Jason Corff, Gareth Okan and Nádia Da Costa