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Mensch, Maschine! Musik! [en]

man, drum, machine - Welcome, Prof. Simone Rubino! – crescendo

Marco Borggrefe

How can technology control the movement of the human body and when does technical control interrupt the creative process of interpretation?

In the inaugural concert of the celebrated percussionist Simone Rubino with students of his percussion class and guests, precisely these aspects will be illuminated. In addition to works for several vibraphones and marimbas, arrangements by J. S. Bach and a - most appropriately titled - self-composed work by the new professor of percussion at the UdK Berlin will be heard: Menschine for percussion quintet.

Paul Dukas: The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Iannis Xenakis: "Peaux" and "Metaux" from Pleiades
Thierry de Mey: Piece de gèstes
Johann Sebastian Bach: "Contrapunctus 1-4-5" from the Art of Fugue
Toshio Hosokawa: Zen VI
Simone Rubino: Menschine

Keru Chen, Gabriel Ducomble, Pietro Gutiérrez, Lukas Kuhn, Seonil Kwak, Heecahn Lee, Jowei Liu, Matias Mucchi, Simone Rubino, Percussion


crescendo is open to everyone! Therefore, all concerts are free admission.
Free reservations are possible here.

The UdK Berlin is committed to helping people in need. This year, half of the festival's donations will go to "Aktion Deutschland Hilft" to benefit earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria.


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