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Maud Buckenmeyer: Farewell – Degree Bachelor/Master

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BA Graduate Works 2022

Imagine the scene: a character finds themselves alone in the leftovers of a party. They claim the party can’t be over, it is just starting, now. There’s an emergency; dancing for the ones that are gone already. Also, a last dance before leaving. Embracing what was, mourning the explosion of a balloon. There might be some tragic, pathetic, and some disco. Welcome to the farewell.



I was born in 1996, in Strasbourg (FR). It’s my love towards poetry that brought me into dance, passing through theater and lately, clown work. I have this attraction for bridges; connecting diverse fantasies. Therefore I move quite a lot, and in my artistic practice, navigate through different ways with the intention to tell stories.


Collaborator: Caroline Cosima