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Milagros Miceli & Sana Ahmad – Veranstaltungsreihe

Lars Pinkwart

Loops is the public event series of New Practice in cooperation with the Berlin University Alliance exploring current questions facing our society at the intersection of art, science and technology in a unique discursive format. Afterwards, the Bar provides a space for exchange between guests, researchers, students and the public.

Artificial Intelligence and Platforms rely heavily on a system of global extraction and the exploitation of data workers. Dr. Milagros Miceli (Research Lead at Weizenbaum, DAIR Researcher) and Dr. Sana Ahmad (Researcher at Helmut Schmidt University) join us to discuss the power asymmetries and labor conditions of hidden and precarized data workers, often swept under the rug in the promotion of "Ethical AI" by multinational tech companies. They will share their individual research and perspectives on the labor conditions of data labelling and content moderation towards an understanding of Ethical AI that puts workers and their organisation first.


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