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Overcoming Fear and Shame in White Spaces – Workshop

Charlotte Riemann

Navigating as a Student of Color in an intellectual environment such as the university, where intersectional discrimination such as racism and gender as well as persistent colonial structures and knowledge production always play a role, can be particularly challenging for BlackIndigenousPeopleofColor.

These experiences can trigger feelings of anger, powerlessness and shame, which can lead into isolation.
This empowerment workshop for Students of Color is intended to be a platform for mutual exchange, support and networking. We also want to explore ways to deal with challenging situations in everyday university life, as well as to reduce stress symptoms in a private context and to promote mental and physical health. Together we want to find tools to face everyday life with courage, find allies and support and build resilience.


Vivian Ngozika Aghamelu is a student at the University of the Arts in the master program of theatre pedagogy. In her work as a drama therapist, workshop leader and artist, she conceptualises and focuses on the themes of mental health, empowerment and identity with a decolonial approach. She deconstructs persistent colonial structures and their influences on contemporary society and the individuals living in it. She emphasises the empowering aspect in her artistic work as well as in her workshops and wants to show the importance of cohesion in communities in order to bring about personal, social and political change.

BIPoC (BlackIndigenousPeopleofColor) & QTIBIPoC (QueerInterTransBlackIndigenous PeopleofColor), max. 30 people

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The workshop will be held in German or English spoken language. The workshop language will depend on the participants. Barrier-free access is possible. Please let us know your personal access needs. The workshop is free of charge.

The workshop is part of the Unlearning University project.
Unlearning the university means questioning one's own institution. On which assumptions and traditions is based what is considered important? Which knowledges and which perceptions do not occur?

The project is funded by "Diversity at German universities" of the HRK.