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Playfight – Performance

Vic Harster

The performance Playfight invites you to take a new look at our play instinct, which is consciously lived out and celebrated in the performance.

Three performers and a musician invite you to immerse yourself in their world of centrifugal and concentric power. Embodied play instinct makes them wrestle with each other, pushing and pulling each other. How can this be about attraction and differentiation at the same time? In their polarity, fun play and aggressive fighting are an integral part of the playfight.

Choreography, concept: Salome Kehlenbach
Performance, co-choreography: Areti Athanasopoulou, Selene Tognoli, Mattia Colucci
Dramaturgy, concept: Sophia Estel
Stage & costume: Liz Cholewa, Lea Knippenbergs
Sound design: Martin Moolhuijsen
Light design: Veronika Rišňovská, Friederike Hänsel
With the kind support of the German Stage Association and the Performing Arts Department of the UdK