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crescendo 2022: aufgefühlt [EN]

¡Power to the Performer! – Ensemble Ilinx – crescendo

Leah Muir

Ensemble ilinx brings up the questions of ensemble
communication, the idea of what a true collaboration is and most importantly the role
of the performer in the process of composition and creative interpretation. Performed will be pieces
of established composers such as Cornelius Cardew and Vinko Globokar, as well as
the newest creations from Kai Kobayashi and students from
the UdK composition department.

The ensemble ilinx raises the question of genuine collaboration and the role of the performer in the field of tension between composition and creative interpretation. A "higher" level of musical relationship beyond traditional hierarchies is sought. The ensemble ilinx provides initial approaches by exploring the graphically based scores of established composers such as Cornelius Cardew and Vinko Globokar, as well as the interpretation of new works by composition and conducting students at the UdK Berlin. Of particular note is the piece by Globokar, written for "Body Percussion", which reveals the direct connection between performer, body feeling and composition. The audience accompanies this process of discovery and its goal to dissolve the institutional barriers between composer, conductor, interpreter - and takes a role in this process itself!



Cornelius Cardew (1936-1981): Treatise for Large Ensemble

Vinko Globokar (*1934): ? Corporel for body percussion

Kai Kobayashi (*1991): New Commission for Chamber Ensemble

Cya Bazzaz (*1997): New Commission for Large Ensemble, Video and Tape

Marta Talvet: A Dream of Blowing Glass for Flute, Saxophone and Harp


Ensemble ilinx

Clément Nonciaux, conductor

Philip Hildebrand, conductor

Beltrán González, tutor

Artistic direction: Prof. Elena Mendoza and Prof. Leah Muir


crescendo is open for everyone! That’s why (almost) all concert are free of charge.

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