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crescendo 2022: aufgefühlt [EN]

SchlagWerke with Simone Rubino – crescendo

Marco Borggreve

Concert of the instrument of the year "Drumset" with the students of the percussion class of Simone Rubino.

With a great sense of rhythm, the percussion class of Simone Rubino tangibly demonstrates what it has to offer soloistically and how broad the instrumentarium of a single instrumentalist can be: Percussionists not only learn to play the soprano and tenor saxophone, contrabassoon and piccolo, they also move from timpani to drums to drumset, from vibraphone to marimba, from large to small, from gong to triangle. The series could be continued endlessly, therefore the evening celebrates the versatility of percussionists and the instrument of the year 2022 in all detail!


Tomer Yariv: Gyro

Michio Kitazume (*1948): Side by Side

Tan Dun (*1964): Autumn

John Cage (1912-1992): Third Construction

John Cage (1912-1992): Living Room Music

Minoru Miki (1930-2011): Marimba Spiritual


crescendo is open for everyone! That’s why (almost) all concert are free of charge.

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