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Soomin Chae: Do you want to continue this game? 4,3,2,1.... – Degree Bachelor/Master

© Soomin Chae

BA Graduate Works 2022

Have you ever had a desire to break away from your daily routine?

Our lives are series of repetitive routines.
So how do we find joy in our continuous, habitual routine?
We are thrown into the game of life before we die.
Whether we are willing or not, we decide who will lead the game of our lives.
Some contenders are parents, whom raise us, religion, government or ourselves.
We follow the instructions given to us to successfully continue the game.
However, it is not the goal of the game to completely follow all instructions.

This limited performance of numbers between 1 and 4 reflects our lives.
In this game, performers:
1. Will you complete the instructions?
2. Will you give up?
3. Will you just wait for the game to end?
4. Will you find pleasure in restrictions?


Collaborator : Soonhee- Yoo, Seungmin-Kang
Music: Jongmin-Hong
Photos: Jongchan-Woo