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Mariana Romagnani: Um Wieder Anzufangen – Performance


How do you feel when you try something new or something unexpected happens?

This dance piece will be chaotic and fun! Because we play. Words are thrown, sentences are danced, quotes are hidden and stories are told. In search of a shared adventure, we dive into the unforeseen. Can this perhaps strengthen our confidence that the world can be different than it seems?

In the second year of the series, "Choreographing for young audiences", we look forward to Mariana Romagnani, a graduate of the MA Choreography (maC) at the Inter-University Centre for Dance (HZT). In her first dance piece for young audiences, "Um wieder anzufangen", she explores the power of play.

The introductory format TANZ WAHRNEHMEN will take place on 13 April at 5pm for everyone aged 6 and over. Registration at

A co-operation between TANZKOMPLIZEN and the HZT Berlin.

Concept and choreography: Mariana Romagnani
Creation and performance: Franziska Doffin, Lena Strützke, Mariana Hilgert and Edgar Lessig