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crescendo 2022: aufgefühlt [EN]

From Bach to Barrios – Welcome, Prof. Marco Tamayo! – crescendo


Beginning concert of the new guitar professor Marc Tamayo with pieces of J. S. Bach, F. Schubert, N. Paganini, Y. Nakanishi and A. Barrios Mangoré.

The internationally acclaimed Austro-Cuban guitarist and new professor at the UdK Berlin dedicates his inaugural concert to important works of classical guitar literature, focusing on numerology in the works of Johann Sebastian Bach, Franz Schubert, P. Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Níccoló Paganini, Yusuke Nakanishi and Agustín Barrios Mangorés. The unifying programmatic element is the number symbolism to which all composers have dedicated themselves with these selected works. What role does the number three play in Bach and Barrios? Marco Tamayo devotes himself to solo repertoire from six centuries for the 6-string instrument and sheds light on the historical connection between mathematics and music.


crescendo is open for everyone! That’s why (almost) all concert are free of charge.

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