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„We got a list of demands…“ – (Art) University, Racism & Empowerment – Online verfügbar

Elena Buscaino

Diversity Manager of UdK Berlin in conversation with students and anti-racism experts

As part of the International Week Against Racism

A good one and a half/two years ago, students demonstrated under the title #exitracismudk and drew attention to racism at the UdK. At the same time, in a broad coalition, the students formulated a number of demands on the UdK. As the title of the event (based on the rap song by Saul Williams "List of Demands (Reparations)") suggests, the panel will focus on the open letter that the UdK students formulated as part of the #exitracismUdK protests. Some of the demands made in this open letter read like recommendations from a professional, intersectional diversity consultancy. Together with the new diversity officer (focus on racism) Dr. Mutlu Ergün-Hamaz (UdK Berlin), students Dalís Pacheco (Interflugs UdK) and Elena Buscaino (AG Critical Diversity UdK) discuss these demands for intersectional anti-discrimination work. Joining the conversation will be postcolonial urban researcher Noa K. Ha and anti-racism and empowerment officer Aki Krishnamurthy at the ASH. Thereby the panel addresses also racism and empowerment at (art) universities in general.

Panel: Dr. Noa K. Ha (postcolonial urban researcher, guest lecturer KH Weißensee), Dr. Aki Krishnamurthy (advisor for anti-racism and empowerment ASH), Dalís Pacheco (Interflugs UdK, AG Intersectional Discrimination UdK), Elena Buscaino (AG Critical Diversity UdK)

Moderator: Dr. Mutlu Ergün-Hamaz (Diversity Officer UdK Berlin)

Event language: English and German


Dr. Mutlu Ergün-Hamaz