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Announcing UdK New European Bauhaus Partnership

source: New European Bauhaus

“We are excited to announce our official partnership with the European Commission’s New European Bauhaus Initiative, an innovative and relevant impulse for tackling the urgent challenges our society and environment is facing today!”   Prof. Dr. Norbert Palz, Presiden University of the Arts Berlin

The New European Bauhaus (NEB) fosters interdisciplinary and creative approaches to pressing societal challenges by building bridges between arts, culture, technology and science, and links questions of sustainability and aesthetics. As part of our initial NEB activities, co-organised with ELIA, the European network of higher arts education, we will set the stage for our students to make their voices heard through a series of interactive digital events. Students are the agents of this transformative integration—they will drive new approaches, provide critical inspection, and render the inclusive, affordable, and sustainable future tangible.
We have followed the initiative right from the start, and look forward to contribute to this creative movement through our students and networks, to reimagine our European living experience and make the European Green Deal a reality.



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