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Critical Diversity Blog online

source: Elena Buscaino

Blog Critical Diversity

Who and how does one get into the art university - and out again? Who
listens, who speaks? Which language? Who is considered suitable or
At art universities there are deeply rooted structures of discrimination and
favouritism. Dealing with them is an important step towards creating more
equality and justice.
In July 2020 the Critical Diversity Blog at the Berlin University of the Arts
will be published.
This blog brings together contributions on diversity and anti-discrimination
within and beyond the art university. It invites to share experiences of
discrimination and exclusion. Also those that have been observed,
because they concern us all as students, teachers and staff.
Let us set out on the road to a more diversity-aware and
discrimination-critical art university.

Editorial and design team: AG Critical Diversity of the UdK Berlin