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Regulations for pandemic operations during the summer semester - effective June 4, 2021.



•    Compliance with distance and sanitation regulations will continue to apply in all areas of the University.
•    all groups are required to wear mouth-to-nose protection with the use of medical masks on all surfaces, including in class (unless artistic work makes this impossible).
•    in class, students must wear FFP2 masks (unless the subject makes it impossible).
•    external persons have access only if it is indispensable for artistic and scientific work as well as teaching. Individual requests are to be directed to the Kanzlerin via the teaching staff and / or department heads (deaneries / directories etc.).
•    opening hours of the houses
a)    all houses (except Einsteinufer)
•    Monday to Thursday, 8 a.m. - 10 p.m.
•    Friday and Saturday, 8 a.m.-8 p.m.
b)    additionally in HA33, Lietzenburger Str., Bundesallee and Fasanenstraße:
•    Sunday, 8 a.m.-8 p.m.
c)    On holidays, the houses are generally closed.
d)    Individual agreement on the opening hours of the following houses without a gate will be made as before with GA and the Registrar : HA41, Grainauer Str., Karlsruher Str., JIB - but only within the aforementioned hours.
e)    Einsteinufer still: Monday to Friday, 7 am - 8 pm. (JIB separate regulation)
•    use of rapid tests
a)    The regulations of the testing policy dated April 23, 2021 shall apply.
b)    All pandemic regulations (spacing, hygiene measures, masking requirements) continue to apply even if self/rapid tests are negative.
c)    However, for employees*, testing is only an offer, not a requirement, except when participating in events of 5 or more people.
d)    No compulsory testing applies to the following groups of persons
•    Vaccinated persons who have been vaccinated with a vaccine approved by the European Union and whose last required vaccination was at least 14 days ago
•    Convalescent individuals who can demonstrate a positive PCR test result for SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection more than six months ago and who have received at least one vaccination against Covid-19 with a European Union-approved vaccine
•    Recovered individuals who can demonstrate a positive PCR test result for SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection at least 28 days and no more than six months ago.

B. Administrative and service work

1.    necessary administrative duties for maintenance of student and University operations will be performed in the home office whenever possible. Performance of all duties must be ensured in order to maintain semester operations.
2.    where home office is not possible to carry out the tasks, the work is carried out in coordination with the supervisors in presence in the university. Individual workstations shall be ensured in this regard.
3.    where study operations permit, it shall be ensured that at least half of the staff from the administration who work at office workplaces work in a home office. Employees shall be present for this on a rotating basis, where necessary, in consultation with supervisors.
4.    employees with care responsibilities
i.    shall, in coordination with their supervisors, use home office, compensatory time, or time off as feasible.
ii.    Requests to the Human Resources Department shall be coordinated in advance with supervisors.

C.    Artistic and scientific work (not related to studies and teaching; see point D)

•    artistic and scientific work by members of groups 1 and 2 may be carried out at the university where university facilities are required for this purpose. Spacing and sanitation regulations for occupancy of rooms apply. (Distance 1.5 meters; 10 square meters per person in the room; for artistic activities, the greater distances of the Gefährdungsbeurteilungen apply).

D.    Regulations for classes, examinations and student work:
•    face-to-face exams shall be given where they are not digitally feasible. These exams shall be supported by quick tests. Exams shall be in the smallest format possible. The spacing and qm/per person regulations of the Gefährdungsbeurteilungen shall apply.
•    entrance examinations shall take place in presence where they are not digitally feasible. Waiting situations in groups are to be avoided as a matter of principle. The entrance examinations shall be supported by quick tests. The exams have the smallest possible format. The spacing and qm/per person regulations of the Gefährdungsbeurteilungen shall apply.
•    individual student artistic and scholarly work is permitted at the University in accordance with the applicable spacing and qm/per person regulations of the Gefährdungsbeurteilungen. Urgent needs (deadlines / exam preparation) are to be prioritized.
•    the room- and subject-related regulations of the present risk assessments including the area-based maximum occupancy of the rooms apply to examination and teaching formats. The maximum occupancy is generally 25 people, if room sizes permit at all. In individual cases - but only after June 18, 2021 in accordance with regulations of the state of Berlin - up to 40 persons are possible, this is to be agreed with the university management / Kanzlerin.
•    outdoor classes on university premises are limited to 25 persons - hygiene regulations and distances must be observed. There is no testing requirement for outdoor classes. Reduced regulations of max. 12 persons apply for excursions in the urban area.
•    for internal class meetings or internal auditions, internal bystanders are permitted, but oriented to the size of the room (spacing and sq.m.-per person in the room; per Gefährdungsbeurteilungen). The number of people in the room may not exceed 40, if the room allows (40 as the sum of people performing, supporting staff, teachers, audience). Before 6/18, the number is limited to 25 people total.
•    if Gefährdungsbeurteilungen are not yet available for formats (e.g., entrance exams), they shall be prepared with the company physician and confirmed by university management.

E.    University Library
Beginning June 4, 2021, libraries and their workstations will be open again.
Details can be found, as usual, directly on the UB page.

Berlin, May 28, 2021