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Prof. Daniel Belasco Rogers

short vita

I studied art at St. Martin’s College in London and Theatre Design in Nottingham when there were still Polytechnics and student grants in the UK. I spent the 1990s touring, performing, making sound tracks, lighting co-designing and co-directing the English Live Art company Reckless Sleepers. I also did money jobs in London making props for theatre and film as well as a period as an arts administrator at the Contemporary Arts Society, a charity that buys contemporary fine arts and crafts to give to regional art galleries and museums.
After receiving an Arts Admin Bursary in 2000, I made a solo lecture performance piece about accidents and locations called Unfallen which toured in Europe and even made it to Sydney and Perth in Australia. Since being invited to Banff in Canada as a Peer Adviser to share knowledge about locative media in 2007, I became an advocate of Free and Open Score Software and rekindled a love for coding I forgot I’d begun as a teenager on a Sinclair ZX81.
When I arrived in Berlin, I realised I was being given a chance to record how I learned about the geography of the city. Since my Eureka moment, holding a GPS on a Makrolab residency with Miles Chalcraft in the Scottish Highlands in 2003, I have recorded every journey I make. In 2002 my partner Sophia New and I initiated a collaborative artistic duo practice called plan b, making a broad range of performance, fine art, participatory, audio, new media and installative work. Since 2007, Sophia also has a daily GPS recording practice. I was a member of the Junge Akademie at the Akademie der Künste in 2006.
I have taught live art, new media and gps workshops in Europe, North America, Brazil, Japan and China. As well as nearly two decades of projects made with Sophia New as plan b, I have worked as a performer with Forced Entertainment, Gob Squad, She She Pop, Club Real and Sabine Zahn.
I like to engage in and educate myself about psychogeography, open hardware, drawing machines, cryptography, dowsing, megalithic sites, permaculture, gardening, worm composting, foraging, fermenting, somatic practices, taijiquan and qigong.
I share the position of guest professor for interdisciplinary artistic practice and theory at Studium Generale with my partner Sophia New since winter semester 2020.

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