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Dr. Fay C. M. Geisler

short vita

In September 2021 Dr. Fay Geisler started working at the UdK as a counseling psychologists for students.

Up to then she lectured personality psychology and psychological diagnostics at the University Greifswald. Her research focuses on self-regulation. She published on different coping and emotion regulation strategies, heart rate variability, perfectionism, mindfulness and self-compassion.

Until 2004 she studied psychology funded by the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes. Her diploma thesis was about student’s intuitive philosophy of science. In 2009 she received a doctorate degree. Her doctoral thesis was about behavior in aversive situations. In 2016 she received her license as psychological psychotherapist with an expertise in behavioral therapy.

In 2019 she started her additional training in psychodynamic psychotherapy.