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Prof. Simon Schlingplässer

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Simon Schlingplässer was born in Hamburg (Germany) and studied voice and speech at the university of Göttingen (Germany). Aside from working as a freelance docent for voice and speech at several acting and musical schools and other prestigious institutes in Hamburg, he also finished studies in pedagogy, linguistics and phonetics.

He has coached numerous actors, news presenters and business managers, and for years he has been a regular guest lecturer at the German State Theatre in Timisoara, Romania.

Between 2006 and 2014 he has been an academic teacher for voice at the Thomas Bernhard Institute (Department for Acting and Directing) of the Universität Mozarteum Salzburg (Austria). In 2013 he also worked at the Theater Faculty of the Academy of Music Arts in Prague (Czech Republic), where he is a regular guest since then.

Simon Schlingplässer's work is influenced by many well known voice teachers from Germany, the US, England, Russia and Switzerland.

He is an international recognised leader of numerous voice workshops all over Europe, such as those at the Skomrahi Festival (International Meeting of Students of the Academies and Faculties of Dramatic Arts) in Skopje (Macedonia). He keeps up his skills as a trainer and performer by regularly performing as a spoken word artist, reciting lyrical and dramatic texts.

He has worked as professor at UdK Berlin since 2014.