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Out of the Blue - Videos and Audio Files

Improvisational Theatre: The Gorillas

with Barbara Klehr and Billa Christe

UdK-Improvisational Orchestra and Guests, Maja von Kriegstein

Sabine Vogel: Soundpainting

Margit Schild: From Provisional…

Ronald Kurt: Improvisation.

Edgar Landgraf: Improvisation as Art

Talk 1_1: Interdisciplinary improvisation

with Uta Brandes (design), Paul Goslawski (physics), Julia Paulus (history) and Petra Schwarz (moderation)

Talk 1_2: Interdisciplinary improvisation

with Doris Gstach (landscape architecture), Karen Schlimp (music) and Petra Schwarz (moderation)

Talk 1_3: Interdisciplinary improvisation

with Julian Klein (theater/composition), Axel Kufus (design), Nik Haffner (dance/choreography) and Petra Schwarz (moderation)

Workshop 2: Improvisation in Different Cultures

with Mimi Gellman, Ajay Heble and Markus Schmidt i. a. (moderation: Tanja Busse)

Workshop 4: Acting Under Conditions of Uncertainty

with Edgar Landgraf and Ronald Kurt i. a. (moderation: Tanja Busse)

Summary of the afternoon’s events by the moderators

with Petra Schwarz, Tanja Busse, Michael Rüsenberg and Margit Schild

Ajay Heble: Play Who You Are

Harald Welzer: Who Acts When and Why Not?

PDF: Who Acts When and Why Not?

Jan Verwoert: Be water my friend

Concluding Panel

with Ajay Heble, Mimi Gellman, Edgar Landgraf and Jan Verwoert (moderation)