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An event by Invisible Playground (Sebastian Quack and Josa Gerhard) and Matthaei & Konsorten as part of LUNAPARK BERLIN the 26th to 29th of May 2011 at Spreepark Plänterwald.
First the park – then the whole city! Check into the SPREEZONE and take leisure back to Berlin! The game starts with the remains of the Spreepark, through which you will be moving in vehicles just like Jurassic Park. Our RANGERS, experienced park inhabitants from different Berlin backgrounds, will show you important skills for reconstructing the city; because you yourself will be helping to make the whole city a SPREEZONE within three weeks after the training!

Together with other SHOWMEN from your CLAN you will be receiving access to ATTRACTIONS of the future park via email and text message and you will design your own SHOWS, RIDES and GAMES! What kind of leisure park should Berlin have in 2011? What if park and city, leisure and work, exotic and home cannot be distinguished anymore? When Berlin has become a zone, in which reality is the main attraction? As the first trans-media game at a German theater SPREEZONE leaves everything that has ever existed in the glamorous Berlin leisure history behind! Welcome! Feel at home.

Check-In every 30 minutes

Funded by Einstein Stiftung Berlin