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30 Days in the garden; visit and exchange

30 Days in the garden; visit and exchange

Valentina Karga on her recent project:


From August 15th to September 15th I will perform an one-month experiment;I will be living in the garden,surviving from what I have produced, while not leaving waste behind. My personal waste will become compost for next year’s experiment. I will cook my garden’s yield with solar cookers and rocket stoves and collect rainwater. However, I cannot produce myself everything. Therefore I produced a surplus of products to exchange with you! 

Organically grown tomatoes and potatoes (historic shorts), herbs, various organic seeds. 

In exchange for:Salt, pepper, olive oil, lemons, rice, flour, eggs, sugar, spices, chocolate, bread, cake, toothpaste!  Come and find me at Eschwegering 16, Berlin.I will offer you a cup of fresh mint tea. 

Please let me know when are you coming over and what you are bringing!valkarga_