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Tanja Ostojić is taking part in the international exhibition “1:1″ that opens on sept 5 in Bucharest, Romania with her poster “After Courbet”. 

In his book Sylvie and Bruno Concluded(1889), Lewis Carroll described an impossible map. In this fantasy, a professor explains how his country´s cartographers were experimenting with ever larger maps until they finally made one with a scale of a mile to a mile. “It has never been spread out, yet”, he says. “The farmers objected: they said it would cover the whole country, and shut out the sunlight! So now we use the country itself, as its own map, and I assure you it does nearly as well.”

The art project 1:1 brings together six international contemporary artists whose works exploit the concept of ‘mapping’. This concept becomes here a tool for (re)defining subjectivity (in)formed by and through complex bio-political forces. Physical borders start taking the shape of mental borders and representation comes into sharp focus.

1:1 addresses the complex relationship to memory, citizenship and identity in a confrontational and deliberately evasive way. Its point of departure is the constant pulling between wanting and needing of the newly affiliated territories to European Union.

Through the selected works, the project discuses the European Union´s intransigent attitude during negotiations with future member states and the reverberations of their subsequent integration. Namely the economic dictatorship that followed. Therefore the project points towards the impact that Europe, this increasingly powerful united nations territory, bears globally.


Curated by Mihaela Varzari
5 – 26 September 2013
Opening: Thursday, September 5th 2013, 6 p.m.

Atelier 35
Selari nr.13, 030068 Bucharest, Romania

Ziad Antar (Lebanon/France), Liliana Basarab (Romania), Heath Bunting (U.K.), Victor Man (Romania/Germany), Deimantas Narkevicius (Lithuania), Tanja Ostojić (Serbia/Germany)