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The Art & Economics Group, established in Berlin in 2007 by Tanja Ostojić, David Rych and Dmytri Kleiner, investigates the intersection of art and political economy. For the first two years Project Room 35 and Wooloo Productions Berlin regularly hosted Art & Economics Group Quarterly Forums. After a break due to the economic recession and the closure of those two art spaces, Quarterly Forums have since 2010 been hosted by the Museum of American ArtBerlin and other different venues. Between the guests were: Bill Drummond, former artist Goran Djordjevic, Fran Ilich for Diego de La Wega, Alex Nikolic from Slum TV, Diego Castro, etc.

Economics Quarterly Forum is a performative event incorporating rituals relating to art and political economy. The program of the Quarterly Forums include: quarterly report, guest of the evening, discussion and the auction of special edition of Art-Bonds designed by the guest of the evening. Topics include political economy as a theme in art, the economics of art production and economic activity as an action based art practice.


Art & Economics Group Quarterly Forum (QF) Exhibitions and Chronology:


QF1: 29.03.2007. The Art & Economics Group has been established by Tanja Ostojic, David Rych and Dmytri Kleiner on the establishing Forum at the Project Room 35, Berlin
(6 Art-bonds out of 25 are still available to be sold)

QF2: 23.06.2007, with former artist Goran Djordjevic, at Project Room 35, Berlin
(Art-bonds nr. 24 and 25 are still available to be sold)

QF3: 29.09.2007, with Wooloo Productions, at Project Room 35, Berlin
(7 Art-bonds out of 25 are still available to be sold)

 22.12.2007, with Alexander Nikolic from Slum TV, at Project Room 35, Berlin


QF1: 04.03.2008, with Steffan Kurr, at Project Room 35, Berlin

QF2: 06.08.2008 with Dyma and Tanja at Wooloo Productions project Room, Berlin
(Art-bonds nr. 021-025 are still available to be sold)


QF2: 25.04.2010 with Erik Dettwiler, at the Museum of American Art Berlin -MoAA, Berlin

QF4: 27.11.2010 Tanja Ostojic: “Questioner Project”, Bolzano, Italy

QF4: 10.12.2010 with Diego de la Vega and Fran Ilich, MoAA, Berlin
(Art-bonds nr.012-025 still available to be sold)


QF2: 02.05.2012 with Diego Castro at West Germany, hosted by Gitte Bohr, Berlin
Moderated by Tanja Ostojic and Dmytri Kleiner
+ One-day exhibition, installation: Art-Bonds archive, West Germany, Berlin

Exhibition: 4.6-15.7.2012, archive installation at „Tanja Ostojic: Body, Politics, Agency..”, Skuc Gallery Ljubljana, Slovenia


QF1: 14.03.2013 Presented by Tanja Ostojic and Dmytri Kleiner with Bill Drummond, as the guest of the evening, at CCA Glasgow, Scotland in the frame of ECONOMY Live Events.
(Art-bonds nr.019-025 still available to be sold)

Exhibition: September-December 2013, archive installation at 4th Athens Biennale, former stock exchange, Athens, Greece

The question Now what? is the starting point of the 4th Athens Biennale 2013. AGORA emerges out of the search for answers. A social event, a space for the exchange of ideas and a setting for reflection and critique is created at the very center of Athens – a city in crisis. AGORA is hosted in two sites: the building of the National Bank of Greece at 8-10 Sofokleous str., a historical building that formerly housed the Athens Stock Exchange, and at CAMP (Contemporary Art Meeting Point), 4 Eupolidos & 2 Apellou str. at Kotzia Square.

AGORA includes more than seventy artists showcasing more than one hundred works of contemporary art including painting, sculpture, installation, video, sound, performance, theatre, dance, public interventions, and participatory projects. Artists, scholars, scientists, activists, collaborative initiatives, civic groups, and of course the public will meet on a daily basis: AGORA includes a rich program of discussions, workshops, roundtables, speeches, educational programs and guided tours. AGORA, the 4th Athens Biennale 2013, opens to the public on Sunday September 29th and will unfold over two months, closing on December 1st 2013.

AGORA innovates by aiming to create an assembly point both physical and digital. It addresses an Open Call to the creative world via its webpage and discourses online through the use of #ab4agora, thus composing questions and collecting answers.

The 4th Athens Biennale was designed by the AB4 Team, a team of artists, curators, theorists, activists, and practitioners in the creative industries brought together for this occasion. AGORA is thus the result of a process of fermentation between cultural workers from different backgrounds. What matters most to those who participate in such an experiment is a shared sense of responsibility and an urge to co-produce meaning.


 29th September – 1st December 2013
Preview 28th September

Tuesday-Friday: 12.00-21.00
Saturday & Sunday: 10.00-22.00

National Bank of GreeceBuilding, 8-10 Sofokleous str.
CAMP Contemporary Art Meeting Point, 4 Eupolidos & 2 Apellou str.