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5th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art

5th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art

About project:

The project Defining the Route is a practical and theoretical investigation of the perception of art in the age of the “post-medium condition” (Rosalind Krauss). Depending on the multitude of heterogeneous factors the perception of an artwork could be seen through the complex dialogues between author and audience, artist and curator. The self-referentiality of the project is based on the main subject of its investigation, i.e. the exhibition as a medium per se.

Developing this idea the curators of the project invited artists and cultural theorists to take part in the process of artistic production and to “define” their own routes on the map of the exhibition space by creating their own constellations of guiding termini. Their comments should create a virtual “map” of possible interpretations. Analogous to a chess etude the exhibition will be played out as a visualization of a logical chain of associations. The beholder will define his own route through the exposition by overlaying several maps: the actual geography of the exhibition space structured by the curator, a virtual map of “keywords” created by the professionals, and an emotive map of the beholder’s subjective perception.

Defining the route


Curators: Alexandra Danilova, Alexander Sokolov

Artplay Design Сenter

ul. NiznyayaSyromyatnicheskaya 10, Moscow

17. September 2013 — 9. October 2013


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