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BIOS:ZOË: Proof of Concept #2

BIOS:ZOË: Proof of Concept #2

Lucie Strecker and Klaus Spiess will be having their performance: BIOS:ZOË: Proof of Concept #2, May 11th at Kunstencentrum Buda, Belgium

Cultural and political dimensions of biotechnology are taken to the occasion for a performative discussion with the audience, which will be temporarily rearranging the relation between subjective body, text and technology.

BIOS:ZOË: Proof of Concept #2
Performance: May 11th 2013 
Kunstencentrum BUDA
Kapucijnenstraat 10
8500 Kortrijk
phone: + 32 56 22 10 01

Artistic Director: Lucie Strecker
Artistic/Scientific Director: Klaus Spiess
Performance/Co-Choreography: Rotraud Kern
Video/Sound: Hui Ye
Molecular Biologist:  Susanna Kautschitsch
Art/science cooperation: Sarah Duit, Open Science Vienna
Assistance: Lisa Schranz
Dramaturgical and Choreographic Coaching: Philippe Riera