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A Thousand Doors

A Thousand Doors

Valentina Karga takes part at the exhibition A Thousand Doors with a performance. Growing up in an ever-demanding online world, I feel more and more overwhelmed by the amount of information I am dealing with. I have the peculiar feeling that my body and brain have been co-opted and became the invisible cable where information streams are passing through. My very own biological cells; they are mine and yet they are not. I have no tangible evidence. Maybe you feel like this as well. I am struggling finding my own voice, but at the same time I feel that my brain’s capacities are growing exponentially faster than my body’s. The restriction of movement variety due to education, work and technology led to a deterioration of the body, while the brain becomes an acrobat of information.

Digitalization is not a mere technological process. It is very much entangled with social and cultural and economic processes and can potentially influence our perception of knowledge, our bodies, power relations, the nature of labor. One of the consequences is the immaterialization of labor and production. This is not merely a bad thing, since it largely replaced repetitive manual tasks with more creative ones but we have to admit that opened up the possibility to commodify everything.
The production and reproduction of all aspects of social life became an economic matter; language, feelings, knowledge, affects, desires, everything can be sold and consumed.This explains to a certain extend why knowledge is replaced with information and how communication is reduced to a mere circulation of them. Haunted by the lack of time to catch up with everything, it seems that we are losing the ability to exchange experiences and tacit knowledge, to reach a different level of knowledge than what search engines can offer us, to tell stories, to listen.

May 3rd – May 31st, 2014
Opening days and Hours: Wednesday – Sunday, 3-8pm

Gennadius Library
Souidias 61, Athens


Special days, participate performance by Valentina Karga:

May 10, 7-9pm:
Symposium on Walking and Talking

May17, 4-9pm: 
Walking and Talking Marathon (from Gennadius to the sea) Meeting point: Gennadius Library.

May31, 6-9pm:
Collective Walking and Talking (the people that participated over the course of the month are invited to practice the exercise with others)


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