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Exhibition “On The Edge”

Exhibition “On The Edge

Our alumna Agnes Meyer-Brandis takes part in the special exhibition „On The Edge. Artists in Dialogue with Humboldt University Collections“ in the Tieranatomisches Theater.

A six metres long tapeworm … a silver bracelet … skeletons of leaves … an ‘exploded’ skull … a research station for dandelion … deep-sea creatures

These and other unique things are part of the special exhibition “On The Edge”, which provides fascinating insights into the scientific collections of the Humboldt University Berlin – through the eyes of seven artists from Germany and Great Britain: Annie Cattrell, Simon Faithfull, Agnes Meyer-Brandis, Lucy Powell, Andrea Roe, Nicole Schuck und Wolf von Kries.

Agnes Meyer-Brandis installation in form of a research station for trees, plants and dandelion examines the terrain of climate-related research approaches, data gathering, and the differentiation between species and categorisations.

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Außerdem ist Agnes Meyer-Brandis Teil von Gruppenausstellungen in Erlangen (mehr Informationen), im Schwedischen Kristianstad (more Information) und im Belgischen Schaerbeek (more Information).

Opening: 3rd June 2015, 7pm
exhibition: 4th June to 13th September 2015

Tieranatomisches Theater der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Campus Nord, Philippstr. 12/13, Haus 3
10115 Berlin