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Exhibition “Supercondition”

Exhibition “Supercondition”

SDVentures and Laboratoria present a pop-up exhibition of contemporary technological art entitled SUPERCONDITION on 6th and 7th November 2015.
Amongst the works on display is the Installation “Crystal Set” by our fellow Ralf Baecker. It “liberates” crystals from their normal function as semiconductors in transistors and microcircuits. In the installation, some ultra-thin needles are connected to an unprocessed silicon carbide crystal to create a semiconductor junction (diode), causing the crystal to radiate light and sound that we can observe.
Curated by Daria Parkhomenko, founder of LABORATORIA Art&Science Space, Moscow.

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6th & 7th November 2015

Cathedral Square 2
2nd floor
Riga, Latvia