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Solo exhibition: “The Secret of the Machines”

Solo exhibition: “The Secret of the Machines”

Our fellow Ralf Baecker, whose artistic research focuses on revealing the manifold processes that take place behind the virtual interfaces of our everyday objects, shows his work within the solo exhibition “The Secret of the Machines” at the Kapelica Gallery in Slovenia. He presents two projects which explore the principles and materiality of contemporary information technology. Baecker’s machines face the observer with devices that are not under their control, but as irrational processes, engaged the spectator with their own processual existence.

‘The Conversation’ is an autonomous apparatus that consists of 99 solenoids mounted in a circle. Together they carry three rubber bands in their centre. Each magnet works autonomously and tries to adapt to the forces in the network. Comparable to a homeostat it tries to generate a hyperstable equilibrium. But environmental noises and friction picked up by electronic and mechanical elements prevents the machine from achieving its task.

The second installation, ‘Crystal Set / Self Test’ is an artistic investigation of the matter of modern digital devices. The installation is build around a raw silicon carbide specimen, one of the many minerals used in contemporary information technology, comparable to silicon. The particular electronic properties of the crystal are used to accomplish a semi conducting effect (like in diodes, transistors or LEDs) by directing electrodes to the crystal structure. A software executes a naive test of the logical structure of the crystal. As a result the crystal generates raw and savage signals that are visible and audible to the audience.

The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and Municipality of Ljubljana – Department for Culture.

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Opening: 23rd April 2015, 9pm

Exhibition: 23rd April to 22nd May 2015



Kapelica Gallery

Kersnikova 4

1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia