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Exhibition Eva Könnemann

A small exhibition of our alumna Eva Könnemann's work will be presented on 19 April 2016, under the title "Light Boy or When Shooting Stars Fall in Sunlight & Nothingness is the Protagonist" at the Metropolis Kino in Hamburg.

Touch. A call. A train passes by. The young man improvises a song on the guitar and strokes through an Istanbul beyond the representative places. Much-considered non-places. Director and actors engage with each other and rehearse the depth and the word. Eva Könnemann wanders through Emmelsum, a place with almost 300 inhabitants, which claims online that there is nothing special about it: a village without characteristics. Filmmaker Eva Könnemann discovers the real, life beyond the official narrative. In her films she explores the interfaces of touch. All that opens up when an encounter takes place, really takes place, as Gertrude Stein would have written. Gertrude Stein succeeded in finding the depth in language. Eva Könnemann succeeds, through her strategy of participation in the everyday, through the orbit of the object itself. She finds life beyond the loud. And because life is the extreme, Eva Könnemann also lets herself go to the extreme. She investigates the process of the group and this means that she herself has to become part of the group, so she discards the singular authorship for the work. She is an artistic filmmaker. It is her look that resembles Gertrude Stein's words. Eva Könnemann's films are performative sculptures: cinematic avant-gardes.

April 19, 2016, 7 pm
Metropolis Cinema
Small Theater Street