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Exhibition “Tell Me What You Have And I Will Know What You Are” in Melbourne

Our alumna Tanja Ostojić is part of the exhibition “Tell Me What You Have And I Will Know What You Are” at Unit 32 in Melbourne:

To coincide with the launch of Dissect Journal 3, co-editor Audrey Schmidt has curated an exhibition including artists whose work focuses on ‘the body’: embodiment, the collective body, the body as an institution (‘the body corporate’), the body as vessel, as commodity and as site of production. In varied ways, the work featured engages with the intersections between subjectivity/identity, art, commerce, technology, critical theory and political activism as it relates to ‘the body.’ The exhibition will be held in an Airbnb, whose quasi lived-in space takes contentious elements such as ‘naturalism’ and highlights its fully managed artificiality—one that helps to produce an experience of what ‘reality’ might look like and speaks to the merging of public and private spheres.

17 to 21 August, 10 am - 6 pm

Unit 32
2 Exhibition Street
Melbourne 3000

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