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Group exhibitions „Tageslinie“ and „Futuro no problem“

In the group exhibition "Tageslinie - Kein Tag sei ohne Linie" in the Supalife Kiosk, works by our alumnus Pedro Stoichita are on display.

Pliny the Elder traces the ancient saying "Nulla dies sine linea" back to the painter Apelles. Apelles had made it a habit to use his time sensibly. Therefore he drew at least one line every day.
It is in this spirit that the Supalife Kiosk presents daily lines of three artists.

Pedro Stoichita is part of the Supalife collective. Besides commissioned works as comic author, illustrator & graphic recorder, he dedicates himself mainly to free works in the medium of printmaking and book projects.

20 August to 30 September 2016
Supalife Kiosk
Raumerstrasse 40
10437 Berlin

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Pedro Stoichita will also take part in the group exhibition "Futuro no problem. Zeichnungen in Bewegung" in the Ziegelstraße in Berlin.

Several paths that cross each other. There is a lot of walking, in circles and over trajectories. There are construction sites, village streets, a rounding of trees, perhaps the A9. Some things are surrounded. At the roadside: the roadside greenery. In addition shade, the ground, means of transport. Everything rushes by, at walking pace, instantly captured and neatly divided into slices. Later, the moments can be combined anew or arranged in different ways. Some things are reflected. Again and again there are encounters, individual moments, points, a constellation of stars. There is the everyday life. A fabric, fibrous, fraying, proliferating in the silence. Some of the existing plants combine to imaginary species. Different perspectives are unfolded, stretched, and newly cemented. Step by step or with one stroke. The successive tilts into the simultaneous: a large map. A journey into the unknown. On the doorstep or far away. Drawings in motion. Somewhere on the edge: the future.

Vernissage: September 8, 2016, 7 pm
Exhibition: 9 to 14 September, 14 to 18
Brick road 10-13
10117 Berlin